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We used SERVPRO recently to cleanup after a fire and there service was outstanding! Thank you so much for meeting all our needs!

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Great service!! Always willing to help our office!

Services: Fire damage cleanup & repair, Repair HVAC, Sewage cleanup, Deep clean, Water damage-related mold removal, Mold inspection, Water damage-related cleanup & repair

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Wonderful people to work with. Staff is awesome.

Services: Sewage cleanup, Remodeling, Fire damage cleanup & repair, General carpet cleaning, Deep clean, Water damage-related cleanup & repair, Water damage-related mold removal, Repair HVAC, Mold inspection

Best people that I've ever had to work with, very nice and helpful!

Service: Water damage-related cleanup & repair

Owner, was on site and gave personal service with his team. Was able to provide transporting my mother’s personal belongings to storage promptly. On call any time needed in order to return her belongings. They didn’t mind to work with me personally to help with my insurance company. The workers were very professional and didn’t care to take the time to help me on site. Greg with SERVPRO was very polite and very thorough with everything.

Well, I don’t know where to even start.. my mother in law purchased a condo that was soaked in nicotine and filth. So I called Scott Campbell with SERVPRO and Fowler’s construction and boy did that change the direction of this project. It went from trash to treasure in a matter of a few weeks. They painted and cleaned it from to bottom. The fabulous cleaning ladies spent 5 hours in the kitchen alone and it went from needing to be gutted to completely usable in those few hours. The painters took yellow nicotine walls and turned them into something a show place. I could not thank them enough! What a difference a few weeks make. Please call SERVPRO for all your needs they are wonderful.

My experience with SERVPRO was excellent. They came with in an hour of my call. The young man was professional, explained everything he was doing, and why. Came back everyday to see how things where progressing, always checked with me, with any questions I may have had. I have used SERVPRO back in Wisconsin, I would not work with anyone else, I would recommend to everyone in need of their services. Thank you

Everyone is very kind, knowledgeable, and they have an amazing work ethic. We are pleased with the response and service we received. Prompt service and excellent clean-up. Thank you for all you did! would trust them to work in my home or office and recommend them to all of my friends and family!

"They were great! They pumped water out of the basement the afternoon of the fire. They dried out everything to keep mold away. I definitely would recommend them for their services after any catastrophic emergency or event."

Great Team!! Highly Recommend! Very quick response time and they can handle any task big or small! Thank you for being part of our community! You just never know when and Emergency situation will be and the peace of mind of having these services available are so comforting! Thank you! 

They are the absolute best. If my customers call me with water or fire damage, they typically have a truck on site within hours. This is huge when it comes to mitigating further loss. All their workers are very professional. They have also done work for me several times, and I've never had one complaint. Call them!

A great company that can handle any fire or water damage problem that you may have. They have taken care of our office and some water damage that we had in a timely manner. A very caring professional staff that I would recommend to anyone!

So thankful for SERVPRO!! We had a water issue at my office and SERVPRO was right there in no time. I was a little stressed but when they showed up, they eased my mind. After soaking up all of the water, they set several fans out to dry everything out fast. I would recommend them to anyone if they want a job done fast and correct. Thanks so much for the awesome job!!

We are so grateful for SERVPRO of McMinn! We didn’t know what to do after all that rain/water damage!! Thank goodness they did! They’re knowledgeable and dependable! They were there every minute they could be until the job was finished. I would recommend them to anyone.

Great people and company to do business with! Support local business folks!



This SERVPRO is the BEST around!! Everyone is caring and the response time is very prompt! I highly recommend this company to anyone experiencing Fire damage, Water damage or Mold. They are trained to take on the toughest jobs and leave the home owner feeling a sense of relief, because the true professionals won’t stop til the job gets done! Way to go SERVPRO McMinn, Monroe, and Polk Counties!

These guys are wonderful. Very professional and prompt in getting the job done!



"Our local office is very involved in the community and they truly care about the members that live here. They have responded to and restored several of my favorite shops in town including Johnson's Home Furnishings!"

Scott saved the day by getting a crew to us at the last minute. The crew was professional and thorough and did an awesome job! We are clients for life! Go ahead and call Scott and tell him Janene sent you.

What a fantastic experience! Would recommend to anyone!! Friendliest staff!!

Super responsive to our problem and were friendly and informative.

Our mud room caught on fire when the dryer short circuited. The whole house was full of smoke and covered in soot. SERVPRO of McMinn, Monroe, and Polk Counties did a great job cleaning everything and getting us back in our home as soon as possible. 

We had a tree fall on our house after it was struck by lightning. Our insurance agent told us to call SERVPRO of McMinn, Monore, and Polk Counties. They handled everything. They found someone to remove the tree, tarped the roof, recommended a contractor to fix the roof, and cleaned our home. They were a one-stop-shop! Scott was great in helping get everything taken care of. We would definitely call them again - but hopefully we won't have to.  

SERVPRO of McMinn, Monroe, and Polk saved us from a flooded basement when our downstairs bathroom line busted. We had the carpet replaced, but they did a wonderful job cleaning the entire room. Would definitely call them again. 

I had mold in the crawl space of the rental house. It was starting to cause ventilation problems, so I called SERVPRO of McMinn, Monroe, and Polk Counties to remove it. They were courteous and very quick. No more mold!

Great company. We had a water leak from our fridge that affected half the house. We didn't know about it until water squished up from our hardwood floors. SERVPRO of McMinn, Monroe, and Polk Counties came in and did a great job getting our home back to being livable again. 

SERVPRO of McMinn, Monroe, and Polk Counties arrived in the nick of time. It was just a few days before Thanksgiving when our pipe burst in our upstairs bathroom. It was awful! Water was everywhere, and we really didn't know what to do. Our agent recommended we call SERVPRO of McMinn, Monore, and Polk Counties, and I'm so glad we did. Dana and John were kind and explained things for us, then were extremely efficient in their work. They had all of the water removed, sprayed for mold just in case, and explained what would happen next with the reconstruction. Our bathroom wasn't ready by Thanksgiving, but our home was dry and cozy, and the damage was minimal because they arrived so quickly. We will always be grateful for that. 

I run a local business in Madisonville. The building I'm renting was just nasty. It smelled and really needed a good power wash on the inside. SERVPRO of McMinn, Monore, and Polk Counties came out to do a deep clean on the building. The place looks great! I'm no longer embarrassed to have clients in my office. Would definitely recommend them. 

Our crawlspace was covered in mold. We had no idea until we started having breathing problems in out home. We called SERVPRO of McMinn, Monroe, and Polk Counties to come investigate. Not only did they find the problem, but they were able to remove the mold. We got our home back thanks to them. 

Very fast and thorough. Our kitchen caught on fire and they were there the next day to do an estimate. They did a great job. 

SERVPRO of McMinn, Monroe, and Polk Counties came to our house when our basement flooded. They were very professional and fast. We had our home back in no time! 

On behalf of the Athens Chamber, I would to thank SERVPRO of McMinn, Monroe, and Polk Counties for the incredible service you provided cleaning our building.  As you know, the fire that struck downtown on July 1st was devastating and the smoke and water damage to our building was massive.  I was so impressed with the quick response from you and your team and the work that was done that day as well the days that followed.  During this entire ordeal, SERVPRO of McMinn, Monroe, and Polk Counties has been consistent and done a great job.  I really appreciate you as well as everyone who had a part with our building.

There was a fire in our Historic Downtown District  that was devastating  to several small local businesses.Our insurance company contacted SERVPRO of McMinn, Monroe, and Polk Counties who immediately went to work.  The amount of knowledge, professionalism, and compassion will not soon be forgotten.  They explained every process.   They paid attention to every detail. If it was important to us , it was important to them!  I can’t thank the SERVPRO team enough, especially Scott Campbell, for not only helping us to restore our business but making the entire process as painless as possible!

On November 20, 2016, we were victims of the tornado in Athens, TN. We never thought this was something that could happen to us. We were faced with the nightmare of our home being fixed. SERVPRO of McMinn, Monroe, and Polk Counties was at our house the day after to save as much as they could of our home. They did an excellent job! We could not have asked for better service. The men that worked on our home were very courteous and professional and caring of our feelings during the process. We would recommend SERVPRO of McMinn, Monroe, and Polk Counties to anyone in need of a reliable company. 

I want to thank your company, SERVPRO of McMinn, Monroe, and Polk Counties, for all your help on June 21, 2017 and several days after. We had a pipe break in our basement and approximately 8,000 gallons of water flooded what we had recently remodeled. It was heartbreaking to see all of my husband's hard work go down the tubes, But SERVPRO's employees were so compassionate and understanding that it eased our pain somewhat. They got to work immediately removing floor covering and had over 30 pieces of equipment running in no time to dry everything up after removing most of the water. They were constantly in touch with us for several days concerning our misfortune and returned to check on everything, then in about 4 days they removed all the equipment and left, however, made sure we had phone numbers to get in touch in case of any unexpected happenings. 

Our area is so fortunate to have a company that will rush to your side when situations arise that are so devastating to a family. We will always be grateful to each and every one we interacted with at your company and know who to call if there is a next time.

Thank you for helping Carl and I through our wind damage repairs. Each worker was professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. This is not an easy job when dealing with clients who have gone through the loss of control over their lives for a short time. Unfortunately with the fires in Gatlinburg and the tornadoes in surrounding areas, you guys had a lot on your plate, too! Never, however, did I hear any complaints.